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SalesPro Plus Cross Platform Developed to work on either Windows (OS: 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, NT, 2000PRO, XP) or Macintosh computers.

This Dynamic Database software was custom designed to be used by one SalesPROfessional or a company / dealership with many sales reps.

Designed for the user not familiar with computers & software, SalesPRO is extremely user friendly.

The "Find" feature allows the user to find a single client or several clients from a certain town, state, area code, or most any other info in client file.

On each of the "Contact Entry" pages, you can insert a photo of the contact. This will allow you to associate names with faces.

Customize fields to best fit your type of sales or business.

Send E-mail messages directly from a customer's file. Go diretly to a client's web site or certain file within your computer.

Auto-Dial up to three phone numbers (one mouse click) from each client entry screen.

Print fax cover sheets, custom letters, shipping labels, envelopes, call back list, generic programmed letters, and client notes.

SalesPro PLUS is the same as SalesPRO with the addition of a number of add on modules; QuotePRO proposal system, InvoicePRO point of sale invoices, PurchasePRO purchase order system, and WorkOrderPRO the work order fine tuned for your type of service business.

This easy to use program was designed to keep up with customer records, create point of sale invoices, create quotes (proposals), make purchase orders, and print work orders with a click of your mouse.  All modules get the customer information from the SalesPRO client entry page.  No more typing in the customer info several times.  Look up all invoices or quotes on a certain customer as well as clients in a certain zip code, city, state, area code, or a number of other ways.  Your company logo and address can be inserted one time which will then print (in color if needed) on all letters and envelopes as the letterhead as well as fax cover sheets, invoices, quotes, purchase orders, and work orders.

You can download a free trail version in minutes. Use it for 30 days and if you like it, you can purchase the unlock file for SalesPRO Plus through the Internet for $49.00. It's simple, just click on the download link of your choice and you will be enjoying your own SalesPRO Plus in minutes.


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