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Reggie - The Registration Wizard

Reggie will allow you to create and design a Registration System for your software. This registration system will be displayed before your software actually starts. Reggie allows you to specify the amount of trial days you would like to give to your user. The user could register their product too by following a link from the Registration System to your web site You'll then provide your customer with a serial Number generated by the serial number generator found in Reggie's Start Menu.

Using Reggie's Auto updater: The Reggie Auto Updater will allow you to upgrade to the latest version of Reggie if available. On detecting a new version, your system's default downloader can be initiated to handle the download. The newer version of Reggie will continue with your previous registration settings. Suppose you had 10 days of free use left, it will continue with that. Same way, if you have already bought version 1, you will receive updates free of charge.

Reggie's Unlock Program: This program will allow you to generate serial numbers for your users. Type in the user's name and the name of the software (as Filled out in Reggie), click on the "Generate Serial Number" button, and the serial number for that end user or customer is generated. To generate serial numbers on your website (using a script), contact SoftFiles for information.

Using Reggie: Step 1 of 3 (Project Information): This step asks for general information regarding your software. Once filled in, point it to the first executable (exe) file that opens your software. Once done, click the next button.

Step 2 of 3 (Main Window Design): Reggie consists of 2 windows, the Main Window and Registration Window. This step allows you to edit the design for Reggie's Main Window, (the "Main Window" opens before your software starts up). End Users using software protected by Reggie can access only these two windows To edit the Window, first read the instructions and then click the "Show Main Window" to edit it. Once edited, click the next button to move onto Step 3 of 3.

Step 3 of 3 (Registration Window Design): This step allows you to edit the second window. This window is displayed when the End User wants to validate the serial number you sent him. Read the instructions and then click the "Show Register Window" to edit it. Once done, close it to continue. Press the next button to finish the wizard. It's just that simple.

Reggie will allow you to create trialware systems for your software without changing a line of source code. With its new wizard like visual interface, you can design and customize every aspect of your trialware system. And with the click of a button, Reggie would automatically insert this system into your software's EXE. All this could be achieved with minimum effort and maximum security.

Yes, the developers of Reggie gave major concerns to security. We are proud to say that Reggie uses the most sophisticated anti cracking technology that has been developed making your software MORE secure with the trialware system then it was before it!

What Reggie offers you:

New wizard like interface that allows you to visually design and customize every aspect of your software's trialware system.

Allows you to choose between two deployment methods: Internet Package or CD Package. An Internet package would be the classic trialware system that we are all familiar with! It would allow your user to download it for free and then try it before he decides whether to buy it! A CD package makes use of a revolutionary new anti piracy technique called 'Internet Activation'. Using Reggie, you insert Internet Activation into it. The Internet Activation System would give the user a predefined number of days before he has to verify he has an original copy of your software. So that would mean that if your customer buys a CD of your software from you, he can't give it to his friend. Our system will ensure that one license MEANS one license.

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