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Our Wedding is a user friendly software program designed for the newly married couple. It has the look and feel of a real wedding scrap book. When downloaded, it can be personalized to the individual couple and used within minutes.

Designed to organize and allow you to have a keepsake of your wedding, it will allow you to store wedding pictures, sound bites, and videos as well as type in names and text about those special moments.

Our Wedding is easy to open and even easier to use. No thick user manuals to read. Although seldom used, a Help page is always available with the click of your mouse.

Pictures, videos, and sound bites of your wedding, family, and ceremony can easily be inserted to certain pages as well as attached to emails to friends or relatives. Our Wedding has pages for the proposal picture, wedding shower photos, wedding party pictures, wedding photo, and honeymoon pictures.

You can download a free 30 day trial version in minutes. It's simple, just click on the download link and you will be enjoying Our Wedding in minutes.



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