My First Years is a virtual scrapbook software program designed for your new baby. It has the look and feel of a real baby scrap book. When downloaded, it can be personalized to the new baby and used within minutes.

Although designed for those special moments with your new baby, it can become a scrapbook to be used for many years of his or her life.

My First Years is easy to open (a simple click on the cover of the book), and even easier to use. You can actually write notes and insert pictures and/or record sound bites as well as videos on any page. A date sequence is recorded on each page. Each time you insert text, pictures, videos, or sound bites, the date is logged and goes into an index with title so you can easily find it later.

You can choose from several page templates to customize the look you like. Email friends and family pictures and videos of the new baby directly from the program. My First Years is extremely easy to use. No thick manuals to read.

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