Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I am not happy with the software for any reason, can I get my money back?

Answer: We have demo versions of all software on our site. Even if you purchase any program from SoftFiles, we have a 100% refund policy.

Question: My hard drive died. How do I get the program again without cost?

Answer: If you are a registered user, contact SoftFiles Tech Support @ (903) 485-2535 and we will assist you in getting another download at no charge. The only thing we can't provide is any data you may have entered.

Question: I have two computers, one at home and one at my office. Can I use the same program in both computers?

Answer: Yes, you can run the program in as many computers as you wish, however, the Internet versions of our programs do not allow you to have the program on one machine (as a server) and the same program on another machine as a work station. In other words, you can't share files.

Question: I downloaded SalesPRO and it is GREAT! I want to purchase it and would rather not use a credit card. So, what's next?

Answer: Although our credit card processing is secure and completely safe, there are several different ways to purchase a license for any of our software programs. Contact Sales at: (903) 485-2535 for other options. We will gladly take your personal check and e-mail you a file to allow you to continue using the program after the demo time has expired.

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