DearDiary is a user friendly software program designed for the young at heart. It has the features and feel of a real Diary. When downloaded, it can be personalized to the individual with a password only known by the user.

A full-featured address book is included as part of DearDiary allowing you to keep up with names, addresses, phone & cell numbers as well as e-mail addresses. Send an e-mail directly from any friend's or family member's contact page in the Address Book.

DearDiary is easy to open and easy to use. A simple click on the Desktop icon and the password screen opens. After entering your password, the first page you write in (actually type in), will start a date sequence that is recorded on each page. An auto-entry calendar is included in the Diary section.

Pictures, videos, and sound bites of your friends, family, and songs by your favorite music groups, etc. can easily be inserted to any page or pages as well as attached to an email to any friends or family member.

You can download a free 15 day trail version in minutes. It's simple, just click on the download link and you will be enjoying DearDiary in minutes.

Price: $20.00

New Version soon!

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