What is one of the most commonly heard customer complaints after the purchase of an automobile, truck, boat, or RV and why do salesmen rank with lawyers and politicians in popularity?

The answer to both of these questions is simple. Poor "after the sale" customer service! Once a customer has driven their "new baby" off the lot, they often feel as if they are forgotten.

If even a small percentage of your customers are feeling this way, you are losing some very lucrative opportunities. Opportunities that can be easily recaptured.

There is a simple, cost effective, proven solution that will keep customers satisfied and coming back to spend money at your dealership.

That solution is simple. It's called FollowUpPRO.


Once a salesperson develops a relationship with a customer, how do you keep it if the salesperson leaves or is too busy to handle their needs?

Studies show that once a customer develops a good relationship with a salesperson, they are much more likely to come back to that salesperson than to start looking for another dealership. If their salesperson is no longer there, too busy with new sales or unresponsive..... FollowUpPRO solves this problem once and for all by freeing the sales staff to do what they need to do - SELL - while at the same time generating Goodwill, Trust and Relationship. Three vital elements of business that will make your dealership successful over the long run.

The FollowUpPRO System is the ultimate "after-the-sale" customer follow-up. Client Management Associates (CMA) and Softfiles Software, the designers of FollowUpPro, provide a complete service that will allow you to devote your time and energies in doing what you do best....selling, while the FollowUpPro system does what you don't have the time to do.... supporting your customers by making them feel like they're a part of your family.


Our follow-up system consists of a proven plan that spans 4 years for each customer (after the sale). Eleven computer generated letters are customized for each individual dealership, customer, and salesperson. This software is simple to install and implement, needs virtually no support from your organization or staff other than one person approximately one hour per work day. Participating dealers report that FollowUpPro is the single most valuable tool they have in regards to keeping and protecting customer loyalty for their sales and service business.

Your customers first correspondence will be delivered to their salesperson the day after the sale - all the salesperson needs to do is sign it and drop it in the mail. (We believe that the salespersonís personal hand written signature is vital for the four year term). In addition, there are 10 follow-up letters that will keep your relationship with the customer fresh and vital. These letters are generated by one of your staff on your dealership letterhead and your logo printed envelopes. We can even insert your logo and return address so you can use plain paper and envelopes.

Due to high turn-over in sales people, our system will allow you to distribute the orphan customers to other sales people and automatically generate the changes and introduction of the new salesperson taking over your customer's account in the next letter. When a salesperson leaves your dealership, simply delete the old salesperson and automatically distribute those customers to one, two, or all other remaining sales staff.

FollowUpPRO is the first link in helping you develop and maintain a growing customer base. A customer base that is loyal to you - one that will tell their friends and family about you. But that's not all...

In addition, by using our option of a "Service Special" notification, you will be generating business for your service department that is currently going elsewhere. Remember, everyone wants to keep business in the family, and when your customers feel like they are a part of your family, they will be bringing their important investment back to you for service. But perhaps more importantly, it will BRING THEM BACK WHEN IT'S TIME FOR A NEW VEHICLE.

At a base cost of $500 per month, (for up to 300 sales per month), our FollowUpPro System is the most cost effective method you have available to substantially increase your bottom line profitability. Many dealerships are paying as much as $75 per sale for some "outside" company to generate their follow-up letters. With FollowUpPro, you can cut that cost down to just a few dollars per sale.

So, what do you get for the $500 per month? One of our installers will come to your location and install FollowUpPro software in your computer and train your personel on how to use it. Normally the install takes one hour and the training takes 30 minutes. We reccommend a dedicated computer (with WindowsXP installed and connected to the internet) and two Epson printers (one for envelopes and one for letters). For details of computer and printer requirements, call our support line toll free at (210) 401-1987. You will receive free updates to the software and 24 hour a day support as long as your account is in good standing.



We will add three "Prospect" letters for the customers that come by just looking. The first letter will print the day after the visit, the second letter will print one week after the visit and the third letter will print 30 days after the visit.

We will also add three "Order/Sale" letters for that special customer that has you order that perfect automobile, boat or RV for them. These letters will remind your customer that you are staying on top of their order and their new auto, boat or RV will arrive soon.

In addition to your customized correspondence, we can also provide the following options to even better service your customers:

  • "Service Specials" notifications

  • "Warranty Expiration" notifications

  • Personalized Birthday or Anniversary cards

  • Frosted Almonds or other special "Thank You's"

We're the company that gives your sales force the ability to develop relationships with a minimum of time commitment. Your sales staff will love you when your dealership implements the FollowUpPro system for your customer base.


Client Management Associates

A Division of SF Corporation

tel: (210-401-1987